What the heck is Ronzai, and how did  you come up with it?

I'll answer the second part of that question first.

When I decided to go into business I made it known that I was looking for a name for the "company."  I give full credit to my eldest sister Lynn for Ronzai.  The name struck, and stuck.  I'm not sure where she came up with it, or what it means to her, but here's my spin.

Bonsai, according to Webster- "a potted plant, dwarfed by special methods of culture also: the art of growing such a plant."  As I understand it, this is a difficult, time consuming, and artful task.  Much like the taking of a good photograph.

The Imperial Japanese battle cry was, Tenno Bonzai, which means "Long Live the Emperor" and was used by Bushido Warriors as they entered battle.  Bushido was a feudal-military Japanese code of chivalry, valuing honor above life, and formed the basis for Emperor worship.  The Bushido Warriors strike a cord within me, and the martial artist in me clings to that mentality.  Valuing something so deeply that you would chose to stand by your cause even if it means death.

Lastly, the pronunciation of Ronzai is, of course, "Ron's Eye."  This comes back to the visual art of photography- from my perspective and through my eyes.

Wrap them all together and it gives you photography that comes from excruciating attention to detail, from my point of view, and a commitment to the highest level of service and satisfaction.

And now you know, the rest of the story.