About Ronzai Photography...

Greetings! Whether you are seeking information about photography, or attempting to procure the services of a photographer, I hope I can help!

My name is Ron, owner/operator of Ronzai Photography, which is based in Central Wisconsin.

I started Ronzai Photography in 1996 as a hobby job to support my camera habit by shooting weddings of friends and immediate referrals.

Since that time I have expanded Ronzai Photography to include outdoor and studio portraits of people and animals,

still life photography, coverage of sporting events and anything else worth shooting!

Please feel free to browse this site, and hopefully you find some things of interest.

Follow the links to the left to learn more about the services I offer, see some photos Iíve taken,

learn a little more about me and my other hobbies, and visit some other sites of interest to me.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

And just to let you know, things around here change often-

So check back often!

What the heck is Ronzai, and how did you come up with the name?